Christmas Traditions with Your Family

Do you have special Christmas traditions with your family? Whether handed down from generation to generation, or beginning anew, most everyone does.

It is Christmas morning. The stockings hung on the fireplace are filled with goodies, and the presents around the tree are beautifully wrapped. The children awake very early, sensing that something magical has occurred the night before. There is a flurry of activity as you hear them rush into your room and excitedly announce, “Santa was here! Santa was here!” The lights on the tree seem to guide them to it, and they look down at all of their presents with wide-eyed wonder.

The Christmas tradition with your family has begun.

After all the presents are opened, and many pictures have been taken, mom prepares a special Christmas breakfast, just as her mom taught her. As dawn becomes day, the fresh fallen snow beckons the kids outdoors. Perhaps the kids want to test out their brand new red sled; or build a snowman with mom and dad.

Later, while mom prepares Christmas dinner, the kids are playing with their new toys. Perhaps dad is helping put together a new jet plane, while a bright eyed girl is re-arranging the furniture in her new doll house yet again. Mom puts on her favorite
Christmas CD, and the house is alive with laughter and music.

Grandma and Grandpa arrive to partake in an early Christmas dinner. Grandpa is playing with the kids and Grandma is in the kitchen helping mom prepare for the feast. Turkey, stuffing, yams, broccoli and cranberry sauce begin the menu, followed by a homemade cake with special chocolate frosting – a recipe handed down from great-grandma. Milk and home made cookies for the kids round out the meal.

It’s nearly six o’clock and time to head out for Church services. Everyone dresses in their Christmas finest. Celebrating Christmas is more than just giving presents, it is a time to rejoice.

Back home, they all gather in the living room and turn on the TV to watch
It’s a Wonderful Life, but not before they are once again gathered around the table to have a light meal, and another piece of that delicious chocolate cake!

While your Christmas traditions may differ from the ones described above, the fact is that what has just been described is a traditional family Christmas. It is about being together, enjoying the holiday, and celebrating the birth of a child.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Yes. We have family Christmas traditions. The kids look forward to them. It makes Christmas very meaningful to us. We added some new traditions this year - Nursing Home Gift Project and Thankful Paper Chain. We also did some old favorites - Happy Birthday Jesus Cakes, a Christmas Craft That Shares Our Faith, and Family Snack Food Party.

  2. It is a beautiful story of traditions. Yes we too have traditions.

  3. I think the main tradition for us that has stuck through the years is Christmas pajamas. Every year we get new pajamas (even up to last year and I'm 27) that we where while opening presents and having Christmas Eve dinner.

  4. that's a beautiful story. our christmas tradition is we gather around the table for a christmas eve dinner which happens at exactly 12 o'clock midnight. of course, we sing a happy birthday song to the celebrant and the reason why we celebrate this even - Jesus. after dinner, we gather around the tree to open gifts.

  5. I'm so glad to hear that people are putting Jesus back into the celebration.
    Thank you.

  6. We don't really have any traditions. Fortunately, our daughter is very small, and we have some time to think about it.

    My only 2 requests so far have been that she wake up in her own bed on Christmas morning, and, well... that's it, actually. :) We are going to try to do the Christmas elf this year and we always do an advent calendar. I'm on the lookout for more ideas.

  7. It is a beautiful story of traditions. Nice to hear so pretty words.

  8. What lovely traditions your family has. I love traditions and think passing them on to our children is so important and a wonderful legacy as well.

  9. Instead of a traditional pine tree we put up a life size cross with three nails and a crown of thorns. We attach a platform to it where we place the nativity set. This scene represents what Jesus did for us. He was born to die for our sins. His shed blood cleanses us from all sin! We can't help but remember God's greatest gift to us as we gaze on the nativity and the cross.

  10. In keeping Christ in my children’s life when they were young, on Christmas Eve before bedtime we would gather together drinking Hot Chocolate or Cider. I would read to them, the Story of Jesus (children's book of course) so they would know the real reason for celebrating Christmas. Then the youngest child placed the Baby Jesus in the Manager in the Nativity Display, celebrating His birth. Afterwards, they settled down and were able to go to bed easier after our time together.

  11. Awesome comments and some great ideas! We bake a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve and then release a Happy Birthday Balloon the next morning before opening any presents! Just want my little boy to remember it's all about Jesus!

  12. My mom always bought a new Christmas book and we would read it on Christmas Eve. My husband and I have kept the tradition with our son (he's two). On Christmas morning, we would always read the story of Christ from Luke chapter 2 and spent much of the day in our jammies! By the way, there is a great book out this year called "God Gave Us Christmas" by Lisa Tawn Bergren. Very child-appropriate, but great for adults, too. Merry Christmas!


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