Decorating for a Christian Christmas

Nothing lightens my mood during the holidays like putting up Christmas decorations. And, the biggest part of the decorating is the Christmas tree. I prefer an artificial tree because there are no pine needles to clean up and I don’t have to worry about watering the tree. My family and I pick a Friday or Saturday evening a week of two after Thanksgiving and decorate the Christmas tree together.

There are a variety of Christmas tree ornaments available today. We hang silver and blue Christmas balls along with homemade ornaments from the kids and ornaments that have been given to us as Christmas gifts. We string blue and white lights and place an angel on the top of the tree. My sister hangs M&M™ lights on her tree. Be as creative as you like. Oh, don’t forget the tree skirt.

The decoration you choose for the door lets visitors know what type of home they are entering. A wreath or a sign displaying a holiday greeting implies a welcoming spirit within. A few years ago, I decorated my own wreath for the front door and have used it every year since. It has bells, horns, and ribbons that say “JOY!” to proclaim the Savior’s birth.

I like decorating my home with candles. I scour the stores for holiday scented candles to display. The mingling of sweet holiday smells adds to the warmth of the season. Anyone coming in will think you’ve been baking all day!

Evergreen swags are a popular decoration that doesn’t cost a lot. Twist them around banisters or hang them across the mantelpiece. Adding a string of white lights will soften the look.

Poinsettias will add a splash of color to any room in your home. The beautiful leaves were once thought to be poisonous to children, but resent research has shown that this is not the case. If this is the reason you haven’t bought them in the past, now you can show them off safely.

A special decoration in my home is the miniature glass Nativity scene that sits on the mantle. I want my children and my friends to see the reason why I am joyful at Christmastime. Since our homes are an extension of ourselves, I want mine to be a testament to my faith especially at Christmas.

So, if you have the decorating spirit, go crazy and enjoy yourself. Christmas is the only time of year when going all out is A-okay.

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